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The Kashmir Floods

Theme The intent of this project is to let the student research on a current news and prepare a fact list about this news. Tips for Educators & Parents Reading a newspaper is becoming a forgotten habit. Inspire your child to read the daily newspaper delivered at your door step or the one on your …
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The Big Fight

_________________________________________________________________________________________________________ The Theme Students were asked to use about six to eight animated characters of their own choice and mix them up to make a story. Tips for Educators & Parents Let them be, trust them and let imagination run WILD!! __________________________________________________________________________________________________________ THE BIG FIGHT!!!!!!!!!!! Introducing Dolphin Bay There was a beautiful town known as …
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My First Aid Kit

_________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Theme The intention of this project was to orient the students to various necessary articles to be kept in a First Aid Box. Students researched on the e-encyclopedias about the articles, made a write-up on the computer and also a chart with a real First Aid Box. Tips for Educators & Parents For children …
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