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Flying Over the Clouds…

Just love it! It’s the flight taking off that really hassles me.
I get a feeling of elation, a feeling that makes me leave my troubles below- far below. And then they all seem trivial too………..

And what troubles me. Half the time my imagination. I think that is the case with most. May be a regret in life, may be something left behind. And when I fly, I soar up so high that it just does not matter anymore, because I feel I am in charge and can fly off to a world of my choice, maybe actually to my next life.

Just like Jonathan Livingston Seagull. A book given to me a decade and a half ago. A book I find myself reading more often than any other.

Like I told a friend, I love writing because I don’t hold back when I am writing. Otherwise, I think a lot, imagine a lot, very conscious and really scared of criticism of my actions.

When I write, it just flows. No inhibitions. Always an asset this skill. Never thought would be putting it to use in a different sort of way one day………………