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Food For Thought and Thoughts of Food………

It was only yesterday that I set about getting my writing skills tested on one of the portals for writers. I really do not know what had come over me.

Maybe I was a little sick of getting a bunch of writers to write. I was also a bit sick of not finding a like-minded partner over the past few months who can match up my enthusiasm and write. Period.

Normally, to destress, I would have headed straight towards the kitchen! But no, it is only January right now. Too soon to forget my New Year resolve of eating right to begin with. Losing weight seems a very far-fetched random chance. We keep this tragic story for some other day.

Coming back to my online writer’s test, after the usual grammar thing to test my articles and verbs; (I swear to God my grammar teacher would faint when she hears this, I passed all her tests with flying colours. Hers was the only subject I never had to study for!) I was asked to pick a correct usage of words then unjumble sentences. After getting the perfect score in these sections I came to the comprehension section. The subject I was asked to write on shook me up to the core and I was almost falling out of my chair!!

I was given 10 mins to write an impromptu article on “Is Paneer a Good Replacement for Chicken?”

And what I wrote and the way it came out was not only commendable, it was out of this world. Food is a special love and Chicken a soulmate of sorts! It would definitely be an understatement if I say that to compare it with Paneer, is a crime.

The carnivore in me took complete charge of the situation and little did I remember that I live in a place swarming with herbivores. I did not care really, I was online, definitely not bound by geographies and I am a strong believer of divine intervention.

And a thought and a determination. So be it. Food is my love and cooking a passion which has been kept alive somehow through years of crazy work and even crazier motherhood.

They are going to be interesting, these thoughts on food and cooking…………

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