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Gulliver’s Travels

The Author
1.jonathan-swift • The Gullivers travel is the well known work of Jonathan swift. It is enjoyed by both children and grown ups
• Jonathan swift was born o November 30,1667 he was born in Dublin, treland .after his father dies, his mother went off to England and Jonathan was raised by his uncle
• Besides writing he was also interested in politics many of his writings described politics
• Gulliver‘s travels become have been mode on this story.

• Gulliver’s travels
• A tale of a tub
• A modest proposal
• A journal to Stella
• Drapier’s letters

• Jonathan swift was never awarded any awards but all his works were recognized by everyone.
• Swift was awarded the doctor of divinity from the trinity, Dublin in 1702.


To be brave
• When Gulliver was travelling in the sea he faced the violent storms thrice.
• But still he did not lose hope. This teaches us to be brave like Gulliver.

To have self confidence

• When Gulliver was in his vessel even though there were three violent storms.
• Gulliver was confident that he would reach his destination properly

To be happy to love in whichever place we are in
• Gulliver visited four places which are Lilliput- the land of dwarfs, brobdingang nag the land of giants, Laputia the land of mathematics and struldburghs the Land of never dying people.
• All these places Gulliver lived but he was very happy.

To help everyone
• When Gulliver was in Lilliput they had to face their enemies and Gulliver picked up fifty of the enemies biggest vessels and we should be helpful like Gulliver

To be faithful to friends
• When the emperor of Belfuscu invented Gulliver to stay with the was appeared and Gulliver was asked to fight with Lilliput, but Gulliver refused to fight.
• We have to be faithful with friends.


The Characters

• Gulliver
• Gulliver’s wife
• Gulliver’s father
• Captain of Antelope a ship



Characters of Lilliput1.article-2558813-030618B30000044D-345_472x423
• The king of Lilliput
• The workman
• The high admiral of Lilliput
• The tailor
• The officers
• The scholars of Lilliput
• The emperor of blefuscu

Characters of Brobdingang
• The farmer
• Glumdalcitch
• The king of Brobdingnag
• The queen of brobdingnag
• The giant men
• The farmer’s wife

Characters of Laputia

• People who did mental calculations all day and flapped their ear.


Characters of strulsburgs
• People who grew old and never died and were called struldburg


My favourite character- the king of Lilliput
• May favourite character is the king of Lilliput because he was a very kind and loving man.
• He loved Gulliver and always helped him.
• When Gulliver was in trouble the saved him from the high Admiral of Lilliput.
• When there was a war Gulliver picked up fifty gans and the war was won. The king gave the order of a suit to be stiched and this shows his kindness.

An Incident Changed

• The original incident was that when Gulliver enters his home offer many years his wife starts crying and then Gulliver too starts crying in joy.


• When Gulliver returns home after going to many different lands his wife arranges a party for him and when Gulliver enters home the balloons burst out anf the big firecrackers go in the sky.
• All his relatives and family members come to see him and Gulliver is very happy.
• Gulliver and his wife go out to spend their whole day in a hotel.
• They od shopping and that was the best day of their life.
• On his next boat trip he also takes his wife with him to different lands


New words
• Consoled             : To make someone happy when they are sad
• Encountered      : To meet unexpectedly
• Collided               : Chrased into something moving very fast
• Surging                : Suddenly rising level of the sea
• Murky                  : Dark and dirty
• Fastened             : Fixed firmly together
• Submissive        : Someone who allows to be controlled by other people
• Appetit                : A want and a need to eat food
• Drug                    : Medicine
• Fancy                  : Like

Idioms and phrases
• Tightrope            : A difficult situation
• In vaders              : Enemies entering others land
• Circumstance     : Situations
• Summoned         : An important person calling someone to meet him
• Stubborn             : A person who will do what he wants to
• Yards                     : A unit of measure for lengths
• Tempest               : A violent storm
• Drifted                  : Floated away
• Stranded              : Unable to live because no transport or money
• Admiration         : respect and love
• Canary                   : A small yellow bird which is well known for singing
• Trepidation         : Fear or worry about is going to happen

• Smooth passage         : To be able to go easily
• Jutting out                    : pocking out
• Swallowed up               : Drawing or sinking in the violent water
• Took a fancy to            : Started liking a lot
• Help was at hand        : Help was available

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