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My Colorful Noisy Friends

This project introduces the children to the wonderful world of flora and fauna. This project helps the children let lose their fancies and take a trip to a place of their choice anywhere on the globe to find that one single animal or bird or reptile that fancies them!

Tips for Educators & Parents

TV Watching and App downloads can be made purposeful by pushing the children to explore the Living World. Add to it books and periodicals, there is nothing that would hold them back from becoming experts in zoology.

My Colourful Noisy Friends - Toucans


• There are 10,000 kinds of birds on the earth.
• Early birds were theropod dinosaurs who could fly.
• Birds are different and have beaks or bill, claw, feathers

• They are colourful and pretty.
• The toucans are very noisy.
• Toucans are 30 inches and the kills are 8 inches long.
• They have the largest beak.
• They have two claws in the front and two at the back.
• The weight is 400 gms.


• The Toucans are very colourful with equally pretty beaks
• A toucans beak(i) cannot help them to hunt (ii) cannot help them fight or dig
• It is an air conditioner
• It absorbs extra heat.
• The bill is hot in the day and cold in the night
• The beak is made of keratin.
• It is very light and is hollow.
• The Toucans are fruitouros.
• That means they love eating fruits.
• They eat the fruits and the berries all the day
• They use the huge bill to peel the fruits
• They are colourful that they are not seen easily in the green forests and colourful fruits
• Sometimes they eat rats, eggs, chicks and lizard.



The toucans love fruits so much that toucans are there on fruit loop boxes


• The Toucans use empty holes made by wood keepers and other birds to make their nests
• The female toucans lays 2, 3,4 eggs every year.
• Mother and father both take care of the chicks.
• The Chicks are very ugly and have a very small bill.
• They grow beautiful when they grow old


• Human beings copy every animal on the planet.
• Inventions copied from the birds
• The Chinese made kites 3000 years ago
• Hot –air balloon was invented in France in 1783.
• The germans invented the gliders
• The helicopters are copied from the humanbird

Inventions from birds

1. Finally, the weight brothers invented the aero planes in 1903.
2. They copied many things from the bird.
3. Upstroke
4. Down stroke
5. Landing