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My Day, Every Day, A Woman’s Day………

Since a couple of days a video has been making rounds on various media. A father visiting his daughter’s home to find her struggling with multiple chores like office work, kid, house and a very predictable husband.

I am still confused about the message that could have been conveyed, instead of what it is probably meant to. Does it invoke compassion? Is it only a statement for most, or really a change agent?

Many men on various networks forwarded it. Are they applauding the women in their lives or apologizing to them?

A huge number of women shared it too. Are they looking for sympathy or they are too pleased to see the portrayal of a super natural being? Do they desire a change? Are things already different?

I have heard this enough number of times and haven’t we all?
“She is a working woman………”
A statement that brands me, sets me apart.

Is there a ring of pride? Is it apologetic? Is it derogatory? I wonder.
Do I want to be labeled, noticed? I have not been given a choice.

Working (apart from all the unpaid jobs I and all of us do) is a mixed bag of feelings for me. Not quite sure why I love this perpetual struggle of multitasking to strike a balance.

Quite simply, it is because I love doing it. Maybe, it is because I am me and not a reflected glory of the men in my life. Motherhood is a desirable pleasure and a natural instinct adding to this wonderful chaos!

So, there are days when I am down in the dumps affected by snide comments or discussions about other ‘perfect’ ladies which push me to rate my ‘abilities’ on that virtual scale of being a mom, wife, the house keeper, the ideal hostess, or even being in perfect shape at that.

Or then there are days when I feel maybe I am flaunted for the work I do and that mythical ‘balance’ I strike. Is that justification? Am I an exhibit?

But, the matter of the fact is that; despite my pangs of guilt or nonchalance to the on goings; forgotten but revived strengths remind me that I am holding my child’s hand beautifully, duties and responsibilities are to be shared equally, the house is a home not the impeccable exhibit, being a hostess is evidently not my cup of tea and round is a shape too!!

Putting aside others’ expectations, I keep adding to myself all these years, because I am me.

And It Started Quite Simply……….
A Girl, A Daughter, A Sister, A Friend to many, A Student, An Employee............

A Metamorphosis in Life..............
A Woman, A Wife, A Mother, An undisputed Demon-in-Law, A Friend to many more, A Teacher, An Entrepreneur........

Reconnected to Myself, A Writer…………..

Couldn't do it any other way, Love the way it is!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy Women’s Day, Every Day Everyone!!!!!!!!!!!