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My First Aid Kit



The intention of this project was to orient the students to various necessary articles to be kept in a First Aid Box. Students researched on the e-encyclopedias about the articles, made a write-up on the computer and also a chart with a real First Aid Box.

Tips for Educators & Parents

For children a tape to cover cuts and wounds would be more important than ORS powder. Please do not discourage them and let them talk about the ‘important’ stuff first. Also, it is really ok if they break a thermometer or two and see the magic of mercury. Only be sure no one touches it and keeps faraway.


                            My First Aid Kit

Elastic Bandage

The bandage wrapped around the joint gives support to the joint and it present’s movement. Is called elastic bandage.


It is used to measure the temperature of a person having fever.

Gauze pads

They are small rectangular pads. They are used to cover wounds after dressing.

Cotton balls

Cotton balls used to clean the wound with the help of antiseptic cream or lotion.


Tourniquet is a wide strip of cloth that is wrapped tightly around the wound and two or three times knotted. It is used for heavy bleeding.

First Aid Kit


It is always kept in first aid box to cut bandages or tourniquets


It is used to cover minor cuts and scratvhers.it prevents germs and bacteria from infecting the area.


It is used to cover little larger cuts after dressing and putting gauze

Antiseptic lotion

It is a lotion used to clean the wound. it killed germs and prevents formation of pass.

Anticipation powder

It is a powder used to sprinkle after cleaning a wound .it kills germs like bacteria

Antiseptic cream

IT is cream applied on the wound after cleaning it. The cream kills germs and prevents formation of pus.


It is powder and is mixed with water and gives to a person having dyring and vomiting.