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RESPECT, PRIDE, HOPE. Independence Has a New Meaning.………

As we enter the 70th year of independence, what does liberation mean to the Young India today? What does freedom mean to us today?

India is at a critical junction of her journey. Struggling to break away from an image; a sorry image, that she carried for years after independence from the foreign rulers; overlooking the thousands of years of strong history & culture behind her.

We; the Young India, value the freedom from the rulers of the past, and the lives & years laid down to achieve the independence of our motherland. But, the task was done and accomplished by the generations gone by. What is the point then living, in the glories of the past all our lives?

Where do we see ourselves next?

To begin with, Young India needs freedom from its image of the days gone by; an image of a deprived India, a poor India, an India torn by social struggles.

The arrival of the new government at the centre seems to be the lucky break India needed for decades. We; the Young Indians were not born with sorry notions for our country and never identified with them. We needed a vision that was lost for a long time, until a couple of years ago.

True; India lives in villages, as they say. But, why associate villages to the old or the restrained? Why overlook the urban India? Why be embarrassed by the diverse lives we lead in the villages & the cities? Why associate modernism to breaking away from our very culture?

India lives everywhere; in different styles, with different requirements; all equally respectable & contemporary. All very Indian.

The era of socialism is set to die its natural death and a practical approach, a collaborative approach in the functioning of the nation emerges.

Progress cannot be a war between the educated and the ones who are not; it cannot be a war between the able and the less able; it cannot be a war because of what we wear or the languages we speak. Because the freedom of our country lies in recognizing our diversities and complementing each other to be strong & complete.

The central government chalks out a plan for inclusive growth; an approach never discussed in decades, never thought of. Every person being offered an opportunity of doing what he or she does the best; making each one of us responsible in bringing a change. There are no barriers of education, financial abilities, gender, language or faith in this approach.

We are offered a vision to integrate the betterments that we see in the western world into our own country; no longer made to feel embarrassed by where we are. We aim for freedom from our own shortcomings to consolidate our future. We replicate the infrastructure and facilities that are missing; without apologies, and with the tact of businessmen. We collaborate with the experts across the globe to put it straight for us.

True; we have a long way to go, but there is a beginning. As the Prime Minister proudly proclaims in his speech earlier today; we have expectations today, a plan to execute and more than a crore of us to set it right.

Freedom today is in the recognition India gets across the globe. Independence is when we say, in the truest of the spirits;