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Technology For All ! Geeks Move Over……………

Technology, a word finding its origin in Greek – “The Science of Craft”, makes me an artist of sorts. Yes, of course with my handicap with the pencil, colors and the geometry box as well, this is no mean feat for me. Written off since I was a child for being the “non-creative” one, with a consistent C grade in craft all throughout my school life; craft is the word that still makes me cry.

The Oxford Dictionary claims Technology is “The Application of Scientific Knowledge for Practical Purposes”.

I agree. I agree. I agree.

On the whole, I suppose Technology is a very confusing term. It was the Wheel and Fire ages ago; the most indispensable of inventions and discoveries. Maybe later it was the pen, the plough and so much more. It is difficult to say if Technology adapts to our needs or we evolve because we are the masters of Technology.
Studying Biology, Physics, Electronics and finally Information Technology (the only disciplines I studied in all earnesty) brought an arrogance into me as regards understanding Technology.

I could comprehend what others were in awe of.

The very first time I doubted it all was when I set about teaching my mom how to send an email, way back in 1999. She thought it was an utter nuisance; and sadly what had become my second skin by then, truly seemed a bit irritating for me to put across to her.

It was not that I did not trust the tool, but I doubted the relevance, the simplicity of it all. I was being a teacher for the very first time; I knew computers needed to be rebooted now and then without explanation, I had stopped questioning why to Shutdown the PC one needed to click on the Start button and so much more. I had been in this chaos neck deep for years; but it was a huge challenge for me because my student in this case could rip apart the teacher and confiscate the tool itself (read my treasured PC).

It set me thinking, why complicate matters? Why do these things be put forward in such a seriously complicated manner to the very people who are to be using it in the first place? I came up with an ingenious user manual for mom, with steps written in simple English, with diagrams (not flow charts) and then the last step was to call me if nothing works.

Mind you, I was flying off to the UK for an indefinite period and she knew the steps simply had to work if she wanted her finances under control! It was the most traumatic experience for her and more so for me because I could not get her to appreciate what I was so passionate about.

Years later, today she is a Whatsapp freak, communicates with my crazy family across the globe right from Sydney to San Francisco without any help from me. Simply because this is a very relevant and easy to use piece of technology.

When I took to teaching Computers, I suddenly found myself facing all sorts of people. Kids, who were only interested in the Paint Brush; their moms who wanted them to write magical programs at age 5, forgetting that they were just out of their diapers; slightly grown up kids with their text books full of computer programs forcing me to believe that we are ushering in a generation full of supernatural homo-sapiens in grades 10, 11 and 12.

What does Information Technology mean to them? Unfortunately, I suspect it is only writing a program and getting a decent grade in their tests.

Over the years, I try making Information Technology interesting for my students. Some come to me only because their courses at school force them to learn things, while others genuinely love to mess with things on the computers at my special workshops. These messy ones are the geeks and are passionate about technology, but what challenges me are the others in whom I try to kindle the love, show them the relevance of writing a program or designing a web page or a magazine, change their photos, impress others by creating smart presentations and so much more using this powerful technology.

I remember the day, I had my nephew showing me the coolest tool to store music, the iPod. I was a bit fazed rotating the wheel and clicking the thing. The price shocked me, but I was completely bowled over. My CD Player was soon trashed, my digital cameras followed next and a few years down the line I had the coolest iPhone in my handbag with everything on it and a huge hole in my purse!

Technology started getting closer to lives of all sorts of people!

I  write a lot on Information Technology for my clients. My works focus on everything that is current today; Mobile Technologies, Business Intelligence, Big Data, User Interfaces & User Experiences, Testing & Security and also their real life applications like Customer Relationship Management, Sales Force Automation, Vehicle Tracking and Enterprise Resource Planning. My articles justify the relevance of all of these in diverse domains; Healthcare, Education, E-Commerce, Manufacturing Industries, Armed Forces, Oil & Exploration, Lifestyle, FMCG, Gaming, the list is endless.

But all this, I am sure is heavy stuff for most. Technology cannot be only for the Geeks, it is for all. There is a bit of Technology for everyone everywhere, an integral part of our lives.

And I attempt to write about the simplicity of Technology on my site, leaving the complicated writings for my clients to use on theirs………………………………..