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The Big Fight


The Theme

Students were asked to use about six to eight animated characters of their own choice and mix them up to make a story.

Tips for Educators & Parents

Let them be, trust them and let imagination run WILD!!


THE BIG FIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!

Introducing Dolphin Bay

There was a beautiful town known as Dolphin Bay. There lived some cute people like Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Mini Mouse, Tom and Jerry, Winnie the pooh, Tiger, Ben 10, chota bheem and chutki

Tom And Jerry Wake Up

It was a nice sunny day. Tom and jerry were the first to wake up in the morning everyday. Today they went to the beach and drank a big glass of coconut water. Jerry told Tom “Hey Tom, Lets catch some fishes. After coming back we will go to the Shark Bay Resort and spend the night there”. Tom replied “Yes, Why Not !”.

The Ferocious Shark                                                                                                 WW_Kids (02)BigFight(10-Feb-2016)_IMG

Both of them went to catch fishes in the water, but as soon as they went in the deep ocean they saw a shark. They were so scared that they rushed to their boat as fast as they could and reached the Dolphin Bay. When they reached dolphin bay they dressed up and made their way to the beach again and just slept for sometime

The Trip to shark Bay Resort

The others Mickey Mouse, Donald duck, chhota bheem and tiger went to shark bay to see the sharks but pooh and mini mouse were a little late. They had thought they would get also a boat to go to shark bay Resort: They wanted to go there because it was very luxurious and everyone liked to swim in the pools of shark bay but rarely one could, naturally because of the sharks.

The Big fight

Pooh and Minnie had already booked their tickets for 175 dollars and taken the biggest room of shark bay resort….But unfortunately they did not get a boat. After sometime they started to fight to get a boat. They fought with Ben 10 the owner of the boats.

Friends again

Tom and Jerry woke up and started making a new boat because they wanted everyone to go to the shark bay resort. After sometimes Tom and Jerry came and gave to the Mini mouse and pooh. They stopped the fight. So pooh and mini mouse went to the shark bay happily. They slept for a while, took a swim and ate the royal food. They came back in two days and dolphin bay became happy again.