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The Kashmir Floods


The intent of this project is to let the student research on a current news and prepare a fact list about this news.

Tips for Educators & Parents

Reading a newspaper is becoming a forgotten habit. Inspire your child to read the daily newspaper delivered at your door step or the one on your computers or mobiles.


The Kashmir Floods


Effect on Lives of people

• In September 2014, The Kashmir region witnessed disastrous floods across majority of districts caused because of torrential rainfall .By September 24, 2014 nearly 277 people in India died due to floods .the floods occurred because the Jhelum river in Srinagar overflowed.
• In Srinagar most of the city areas were submerged under water. Many people their lives and many children became orphans. Many wives also become widows.
• According to Omar Abdullah the chief minister of Jammu and Kashmir there was a loss and damage of Rs 5000 cr to 6000 cr. 50 bridges were reported to have been damages across the state. Narendra modi called it a national calamity.


Why it happened (Deforestation)

• Deforestation

o Indiscriminate cutting of trees over the years have caused deforestation in this area .These are no roots of the trees to hold the land together and land slides occur easily.

• Soil Erosion
o There are no embankments on the Jhelum. The water can enter the surrounding areas easily when there are floods.

• There was very heavy rainfall and the Jhelum was flooded.
• As there no embankments the waters entered the areas with full force.
• As the barren land was weak and landslides occurred causing server damages

Help From All

  • The Armed Forces Helping Kashmir

The IAF Indian armed forces did a great job rescued 47000 people. The army took them in a helicopter to safer places.

  • Help from The Government

The prime minister of India Mr. Narendra Modi offered an assistance of Rs 745 crore to the people of Kashmir.
He inspected the situation and talked to the people via T.V and radio .other state governments like chief Ministers of Maharashtra, Telangana and Gujarat sent food, blankets, tents and water purifiers for the people.

  • People like you & me

All people of India collected money and sent to the people of Kashmir .
Me and my friends collected money by selling different things and sent it to Kashmir. My friends made bags and candles and had an exhibition for people to come and buy I made chips and dip s and tang and got a profit of Rs 10000

  • The people of Kashmir

People made food at homes and shared with the homeless. People built and tents for the affected people.