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Preface to “The Story So Far…”

Since the times I remember my childhood – I must have been about four years of age when I visited our ancestral town with my mother, or probably when I was left behind on a small railway station but quickly recovered before the train departed – my thoughts and activities were directly or indirectly implanted into me to provide a good and respectful life to my progeny. This was further formalized and reinforced into me well before I took my school board exams.

I must admit, and thank my parents, I had a very enviable grooming. This, I realized quite a few years later. But during the period of growing up I blamed the whole world and the Almighty for forcing me to go through the various grinds which seemed to have no purpose. These thoughts are deeply confirmed in me even after more than sixty years since I got to this world.

I have been one of the few privileged homo-sapiens to have gone through the best of the schooling, dream work environments, decent social life including all the melodrama of a TV soap opera, and many meaningless episodes which make up the fuzzy space that is popularly known as Life-So-Far. Introspecting, things could have been different and better. This is the only truism I accept other than 1 and 0; birth and death. Yes, things could have been different and better.

Life is not made up of earth, fire, water, air and sky. This is just a rationalization for a whole lot of inexplicable happenings all around you. The real stuff is Time, Energy and Money – solid cash. Only the blessed one’s have all these three elements available together at sometime during the grand journey. Add a fourth dimension called Love and you have made it. Try as hard as you please to fool yourself about the real Life but none can never cheat your old man. The truth always glares at you.

Frankly, I have been luckier than what I could have bargained for. Before I realized what I was doing to myself, a lot of water had flowed down the Ganges. I distinctly recall three most joyous moments. The first was almost forty years ago when I thought I was embarking upon a task that would have made my father hold his head high and call out that his son was making him the proudest man- I had my first hob and a decent compensation for having sold my time and energy. The third and the last defining moment was only a few months ago when I decided not to sell my time and energy for someone else’s benefit any more.

Some years ago she decided to be my soul mate and endeavoured to steer me through the wilderness. That was the second happening. World became a different place. I could have sacrificed anything and everything for this fourth dimension of my life. I guess I am no different than many others. I wish the same for the less blessed.

Learning never stops and to interpret is a fundamental right. So these following lessons of life will always be found incomplete. Plagiarism, inspiration, or whatever else you call it, is assured. So many readings and events, teachings have left profound and indelible impressions on me. I do not remember the sources of these. Numerous original thinkers have contributed to this. No separate Thank You notes are written. The bibliography, if possible, would be longer than this story. I have arranged the sequence as I think the best.

The Fuzzy Space is not digital – it is continuous and infinite. Enjoy it without regrets and go through this your marvelous once in a lifetime opportunity on your own terms.

Finally, my children did not commence the Grand Journey out of their choice. I want them to enjoy the sojourn here on their own terms. Not mine. I must provide the requisites.

This is dedicated to the One I love.