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The Way It Begins…

What exactly is one supposed to do on a flight? A long one at that?


But, sleep eludes me, my friend everywhere, everyday. And that is exactly the reason why my love for writing gets nurtured; in air or on land or on the waters.

Restlessness, nausea, headaches haunt my flying hours.
Travelling to know the people and their ways of life, discovering new places and the wanderer in me finds its roots in my love for geography right from the childhood. The curious child remains quite alive.

Want to see that every ocean and be on that every place that catches my fancy.

But easier said than done, as we all know, for we are bound by our own calls of duty and the ways of the world.
An attempt to keep my memories alive, a resolve to never forget the beautiful places destiny takes me to.

Maybe these will turn out to be a book, maybe a series of blogs, but determined to make it grow, as long as I am destined to go!
So, let’s say “Amen” shall we?